Save with Both AMA Resource Central Group and Accelerate Academy

$347.00 / month

This membership gives you access to both WOHI’s Accelerate your Progress  Academy and ASK ME ANYTHING Resource Central. Class and Private sessions may be posted in this group.  Your ONE ON ONE CHAT WITH MARY is now available  30 Minutes for each group.  This replaces our 90 Min AMA at $299 for Members.   (make sure to email me your request!





WOHI’s Accelerate your Progress ACADEMY  is designed for Christian Female Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Coaches.  Business Strategist Mary H Fernandez shares her skills using Biblical principles as her foundational guide.  Members will be challenged, encouraged and supported on their goals to accelerate the results they seek with her self-paced programs.  Members will have a monthly one on one clarity chat with Mary to track or check in on their progress, victories and set new levels. This MEMBER ACADEMY  is for you if you are ready to show up for you>  We all want to  conquer fear and raise our deserve level-  so that we can confidently walk in the authority we were born with.  I love accountability and team work to run my race with joy and high expectations of success!  What about you?

ASK ME ANYTHING Resource Central $97/MONTH

There are no dumb questions and all of us start somewhere!!  Have you ever been stuck with a simple error like? Monster when you meant Minister for a title, and you could not figure out how to correct it?  What about like, Share and tag?  I admit I was in “Newbyland” of social media for months until I got the courage to try and experiment.  Yes, we have children, but they are so smart and so busy, and their answers sometimes fly over our heads.  EASE. on into this AMA-Resource Central and post and post your questions and we will get you an answer!!!!!   Jump on in and accelerate your learning curve. $97 AMA Resource Central is a safe place to get in the grove of building your Social Media visibility and basics of business.  HOW DO I?  HOW DO I AND HOW DO I?

Come on ASK your questions!  Check this out…If you are a Christian Female coach, Professional or Entrepreneur we invite you to activate here.


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