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This is that Executive, Professional Woman’s resource designed to:
❌ peel back the the hang ups and seen but not understood road blocks to success.
❌Women in Leadership who are power house forces on under their job title yet stumbling over the keys to true authenticity in lives.
❌ Awesome in Career Skills yet lacking in crucial expressions of themselves. Others see what you may not see. You may feel it yet not quite able to put your finger on it.

?This is the UNSTUCK GO TO for women ready to unleash that authenticity so that you will step up in careers and or their desire to create something of their own.


✅Women In Leadership!
✅Women Entrepreneurs – Wearing all the Hats
✅Women Mangers, CEO, Executives- Can her job and everyone else’s too
✅Women C-Suite Dominators- Managing the Corporate Dream -Living the Life – Yet Paying the Price
✅Women who are Dual-Preneurs working 2 Careers/Jobs.

What can an Attendee expect?

?Unstoppable You will address Tiered Layers to discover Personal and Business Development.-Unlock that unending wealth of creativity and energy that comes when you are fully being our authentic selves.

Starting with our Tiered Steps

-Mindset is foundational to how we perform and work with others.
-Limitations that we allow to hinder our performance.
-Step out of the COMFORT ZONE

Those are hang ups or lies or boxes we operate in that we did not fully design. You’ll love this one as it is the most important!. This live is to address questions you may be thinking.

✅ Effective Communication- spoken and unspoken. We will design, tweak and adjust that to match your true expression and intention of your authentic self you hopefully will set her free. Time to unlock that door.

✅Support you in designing your customized Blue Print . (addressing visibility, tools and resources)

✅“Unstoppable You Ready right now” clients know what they want. The segment we will have “out of your comfort zone” challenges, opportunities for Global exposure.

✅Life time access of the Program resources that will include replays.

✅Email access to Instructor for Questions

What is the investment?

Unstoppable You 12 Program Available- $5000
Unstoppable You 4 Week Intensive -$3000
Unstoppable You 90 Minute Intensive- $1000

Customized Sessions

✅$5000 Your Packed Journey of Discovery and Rewards Package covers all the above.
First step is our 20 Minute Unstoppable You Chat. This is reserved for those ready to move forward.

Pay in Full Day of Chat/ Reserve your Seat Save $600 Pay $5000 BEST DEAL!!!!

Payment Plan: 3 Payments of $2000
For 12 Week Program
( We are refining or details as we get ready for you…Not any changes)

Schedule your Unstoppable You Chat here:  

All active Payment link options provided at LET”S DO THIS!!!   Great Expectations for Your Success, Mary

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