Walk-a-Thon & Women’s Expo 2024

“Age is merely a number, and excuses often hinder us from pursuing our dreams. Life’s unpredictability may bring waves of emotions, prompting us to take action. When my dear one shared the news of cancer, my initial reaction was fueled by anger and a determination to fight alongside them.

In response to life’s challenges, the Walk-a-Thon emerges as a powerful initiative to channel our desire to DO SOMETHING! The time for action is now – How, When, Where – these questions find their answers starting today. Proudly supporting this cause, WOHIBYMARY stands with Mary H Fernandez, a dedicated Community Servant and Professional Beauty and Branding Consultant, Podcaster and BIZ Strategist. Together, we embark on the journey to create an annual event that unites individuals willing to transform this dream into reality. Let’s join hands and make a meaningful impact!”

Sponsor: Mary H Fernandez

When: April 13, 2024/

9am-12:00noon Walk with us! We really want you there!! Enjoy the expo, Bring your Lawn Chair Cheer on the other Walkers!

Where: Seawall Portsmouth Va. Leaving from Festival Park

Plan now to come out and fellowship, walk or don’t walk. Walk slow or Walk fast! Golden and Silver year Dukes and Diva’s Bring you lawn chair to rest in between. Decide now to expand your circle of friends, neighbors and like minded difference makers. Health and wellness is more than a sprint it is a series of actions.

Registration Options:

  1. Walker Registration: Here!
    • VIP Access: $65
    • General Access: $20
  2. Vendor Registration: Here
    • $165 covers you and includes one Walker pass. Set up your tent and chairs to showcase and sell your items. We’re looking for vendors with fun, resources, and creative displays catering to women.
  3. Grand Marshals Team Registration: Here
    • Assemble a team of 5, 10, or more registered supporters for exclusive perks and recognition. Follow the provided link to explore all options for creating a standout team.

Explore the registration options that best suit your interests and participation level. We look forward to having you be part of this memorable experience!

Simplify your registration process with our easy-to-use link for walkers! Enjoy VIP ACCESS for just $65 or opt for General access at $20. Choose the option that suits you best and secure your spot swiftly. Your participation is key to making this event a success, and we can’t wait to have you on board! Use the provided link to register effortlessly and be part of an unforgettable experience.

Unlock exclusive perks and recognition for you and your team by using this dedicated link for Grand Marshals! Create a formidable team of registered supporters – assemble 5, 10, or more to amplify the impact. Your leadership will be celebrated with special benefits and acknowledgment. Follow the link to explore all the options available and start building a team that stands out. Make a lasting impression and enjoy the collective journey towards making this event extraordinary!

Calling All Vendors! Secure your spot with a registration fee of $165, covering both you and one walker pass. This package grants you the privilege of setting up your tent and chairs to showcase and sell your unique items. We’re seeking vendors who bring a blend of fun, resources, and creative displays that cater to the needs of women. Join us in creating a vibrant marketplace that adds to the overall enjoyment of the event. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with our diverse audience and contribute to the lively atmosphere!

Stay tuned for the location, which will be exclusively shared within our vibrant WALK A THON COMMUNITY. Zoom links will be dispatched to all registered walkers and sponsors, ensuring seamless connectivity. We extend our sincere appreciation to each of you for making this event extraordinary!

SPONSORS: Unlock Unlimited Possibilities with Our Exclusive Sponsors! Choose from a range of sponsorship options, starting from $500 to $10,000! Your support ensures a seamless experience for all attendees, covering everything from stylish swag and ultimate comfort to supporting non-profit grants. Our sponsors play a crucial role in addressing the finer details, including necessary licenses, security measures, and various expenses. Your contribution also supports team and administrative costs, guaranteeing a truly memorable experience for everyone involved. Join us in making this event extraordinary!