Your Image Speaks

Welcome to the Image and Personal Brand TIPS NOOK!. As a professional we make a statement the moment we speak or enter the room. It takes only 30 Seconds to make that first impression. So check out the videos, Classes, Tips and more. One of my skills is teaching skin care and make up artistry. (link) At this home page are tons of virtual and educational video. Check them out often as you like. That is the most fun thing I have ever done for groups of 2-200. There are fun ways to teach your company or staff what your BRAND is and how you want it represented. This sets the bar for how you want to be seen. Now, this too could be a sensitive area if there are no rules of Branding, Image, Hygiene and personal expression free for all. So let’s go from the angle of CHOICE. What is your brand statement. YOU ARE YOUR BRAND and YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS CARD. So here we go! Enter at your own risk this IMAGE AREA OF THE WEBSITE. Open Mind and Positive attitude start here:

Do Work well with others?
What about skin Care?
Are you Confident?
Do you dress for the occasion?

Check out some of my resources I use on the regular and invitations to those needing them.

Feel free to check them out as we start building this page with more information and TIPS TO ROCK YOUR BRAND!


What type of Skin do I have? The tool I like best is the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer. ( this is my Brand of choice for the last 40 or more years. Down Load it from the App Store. Once you do that follow the instructions and it will tell you what it sees and what your skin is saying. If the app ask you to find your consultant. Enter their name and state. For those who do not have a consultant feel free to put my name Mary Fernandez in the find consultant. Enter Virginia as the STATE. It will then link you Directly to me. Remember to send me a copy of your results when using that app. This gives you 24/7 to make time to check out this resource.

What foundation or make up looks good on you?

What foundation and make-up looks good on you? This tool is the Mary Kay Mirror Me App. Down load from the app Store. Again if you do not have a Consultant…You may enter my name Mary Fernandez and Virginia is my State.

Make sure you see my PICTURE!

Here is my BUSINESS CARD for those wanting more information about my Product of choice and my services in this field. If you have a consultant, Please remember to get with him or her. Mary H Fernandez!